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Thursday, January 24, 2013

TracyO Dance Socks

On my back log of orders was this sock just completed and sent to I hope a satisfied customer. I actually love the way this sock turned out in black. I was a little hesitant about the color as it is harder to see the beautiful cables in this pattern in dark colors but it came out really beautifully and think I'll have to do the sock in dark colors again.
Yoga, Dance, well in cotton.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Braided Cable with Seed Stitches

In between my crazy orders for the Scrunch Socks I managed to post another sock. Using a beautiful yarn....Lorna Laces Shepherd Sock Yarn....really a medium priced yarn and best if you can get it on sale. Very nice fingering weight. I have knitted a few socks for my husband with this yarn and the oldest of the socks is 9 yrs and counting. They have held up really well and still have some nice give and softness. I would recommend this yarn for any project that requires fingering weight. I knitted these socks using #1 needles so that the knit was tight and helps for a much warmer sock...although does take a bit longer to knit I did the braided cable. Love the pattern.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mitts and Socks To Do

These had been sitting in my shop for close to a year and finally sold. Must say I think because they are white, they are not as practical a pair of mitts but I do love this pattern in white and guess what....I will knit another white pair. I have almost caught up with my back orders. Two to go on the Scrunch Socks, one of them being the knee highs. Just waiting for the yarn. 
In mean time I am knitting a pair of Braided Cable Socks in a Lorna Laces Sock Yarn I got on sale. They are grey and really beautiful to touch and feel. Probably will up the price on them as well as Lorna Laces Yarns are not cheap but twice the price of my normal yarns even on sale! The yarn is finer quality and weight and I knit using #1 needles for a really fine knitted material. Takes a bit longer to knit because of the weight but really beautiful finish product. Just not sure what price to put on them.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcome 2013!

And a Happy New Year to everyone...let's hope that 2013 brings joy and gladness to all and good health and prosperity as well.
I am getting myself organized after a very busy December. I have a backlog of Scrunch Socks to knit as well as a couple of interesting projects, which include a Scrunch Sock but knee high version. That will be an interesting project. Not sure how it will work as cotton is the typical yarn I use for the Scrunch Socks...I am thinking that wool blend would be better for knee highs because of the elasticity. Might have to rethink that a bit.

Let's all enjoy the year and surround ourselves with many many yarns and projects!!!!! Happy New Year.


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