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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Another Scrunch Sock! Sold!

Well was interesting....finished this pink Scrunch Sock and put it on Etsy for sale.....These were knitted using the Knit Picts Comfy cotton yarn...My husband took these really perfect pictures and I saved them through photoshop. Spent probably and hour just uploading them onto my shop....BOOM...not 5 minutes later....they were sold. Seems that it was on the site for just a few minutes. No one saw the beautiful photos he here they are! 
Thanks Dan.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mosaic or Slip Stich knitting

Just finishing up this Mosaic Sock...Interesting that I discovered while knitting this pair that the best heel to use was the "Afterthought" heel technique. I also. through trial and error that you can knit a nice rib pattern for the back of the heel. That makes the fit that much more snug and frankly I don't think I would use any other heel style while knitting an all over patterned sock that I don't want to interrupt the pattern....possibly stripe sock as well. It is a nice change to the basic flap heel.


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