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Friday, April 27, 2012

Gray Braided Cable and seed Stitch Sock
This has been a real busy month...had a daughter and two grandsons surprised me with a visit from Seattle (really blew me over) and caught a cold. Hadn't seen my daughter for a year so there was alot of catching up to do. Had orders for socks backed up but managed to now only have two orders to fill. Would be great to finish them so I can knit some socks that I have been thinking about for a while!

My daughter is a spinner...she came with her Turkish Spinner (drop spindle). That was really neat and think it might be something that I would like to try to do. My husband scanned the tool and thought he might be able to make one for me...that would be great as my daughter left me a couple of ozs. of fiber to spin and would like to do it. I found that it is a great portable way to spin on the go. And just got another order for the Twisted Cable Mitts in black!...guess I'll be knitting custom still for a while.

Parts for the Turkish Spinner

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Scrunch Cable Socks Pattern Finally!!!

Finally finished editing my Scrunch Cable Sock pattern. It has been one very challenging pattern and I think that it is now finished. I have posted it on Etsy and Ravelry as I had gotten alot of inquiries about if I was doing a pattern on these socks. Well it is done and anxiously awaiting whether the pattern will have any movement. Love sharing the designs and love selling them too.!

First page instruction

Graphs for the Cables.


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