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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Cotton Cable Scrunch Sock

So this has been a very interesting journey from a year ago when I created this sock from a photo for a lady who wanted the sock, to today having knitted 20 pairs with 3 back logged and having put the pattern on paper to sell. I am dumbfounded that I started the selling price at 40.00 and currently a finished pair is 46.00 and custom is 50.00. I keep raising the price as I keep thinking that they won't sell so quickly and I can then have time to knit socks and mitts that I have been wanting to do. I actually have a pair of mitts (Criss Cross Cuffed) that I am half way through but keep having to stop because of another custom order of these my Biggest Seller...the Scrunch Socks! Just amazing and funny thing is I love to knit these and really have gotten to the point that I can knit them within 3-4 days...and that is only knitting in the evenings. But today because I have 3 back logged I will be knitting during the day to fullfill the orders! Wow.

Scrunch sock in ivory...a big seller.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Twisted Cable Mitts again!

So I guess I have been doing these mitts because they are fun and easy  to knit and they are a fast project. Really wanted to get more color into my shop in Etsy and had some of this great yellow color. The mitts came out really well and think I'll do another pair of mitts before I get to knitting some socks. I have one custom order but waiting for the yarn to arrive...think I'll do a criss cross mitt. I do want to get that design on paper!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cuffed Mitts

The Cuffed Cable Twist Mitts
And today posted a pair of the Cable Cuffed Mitts...this time in a beautiful Sapphire Blue. Really a wonderful pattern that seems to be very popular. I sometimes think that I could knit these alot more as they don't take that much time. I am currently doing a pair of yellow mitts. Got to get more in the Etsy shop so that I'll have alot for the winter months. Wow, do I hate the summers we have in the north east. Wish the summers were longer.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer Trip with Scrunch Socks Packed to Knit

Harbour Town Lighthouse and Marina
 Last week we went for a week trip to Hilton Head Island, SC. It was a wonderful week of just relaxing and golfing and hanging out. Haven't been on a trip for a few years and this was a real treat to have a real vacation. Of course I had to bring a project with me and because the Scrunch Cable Socks have been really a special sock that I have been knitting I thought I would knit another pair in white. I am almost done with the pair and will post it on Etsy very soon. Still not sure if the price I put on it is the most reasonable but it will have to be. Have sold quite a few of these socks and the pattern that I wrote down for it has been selling also. Could be that maybe this is the best sock I have done yet.
Knitting on the Plane....always keep those fingers working.

Cotton Scrunch Cable Sock


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