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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Cotton Cable Scrunch Sock

So this has been a very interesting journey from a year ago when I created this sock from a photo for a lady who wanted the sock, to today having knitted 20 pairs with 3 back logged and having put the pattern on paper to sell. I am dumbfounded that I started the selling price at 40.00 and currently a finished pair is 46.00 and custom is 50.00. I keep raising the price as I keep thinking that they won't sell so quickly and I can then have time to knit socks and mitts that I have been wanting to do. I actually have a pair of mitts (Criss Cross Cuffed) that I am half way through but keep having to stop because of another custom order of these my Biggest Seller...the Scrunch Socks! Just amazing and funny thing is I love to knit these and really have gotten to the point that I can knit them within 3-4 days...and that is only knitting in the evenings. But today because I have 3 back logged I will be knitting during the day to fullfill the orders! Wow.

Scrunch sock in ivory...a big seller.

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