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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Winter Knitting

Snowy days so knitting a lot more than I usually do. Wish I could knit faster as some on the group in Addicted to Sock Knitting lady knitted 27 socks since the beginning of the year. Not sure if it was hand knitted or machine knitted but that is a lot of socks. My knitting always seems to get complicated with my mind always wanting to elaborate on a given pattern or just want to do something original...that is bogs me down I think. Anyway a couple of items I knitted the last couple of weeks: Lacy Alpaca Socks (merging two fine lace weight baby alpaca threads together) and a wrist to me but were suppose to be a pair of socks. After I knitted the pattern I thought i would just make them into the warmers to show off the pattern!
Simple pattern and really warm.

Ring of hearts

Detail of heel for Lacy Socks "Partridge" Heel


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