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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vermont Fiber Shop

Six Loose Ladies Fiber Shop Vermont

My husband and I took a trip to Ludlow Vermont and came across a quaint and overfilled fiber shop. "Six Loose Ladies" an intriguing  name and lucky it was open when we were up there as they have very limited hours. Run by volunteers with local artisans contributing lessons, fibers, and everything you might want to have. I had immersed myself into the shop but wasn't able to stay there for a long time as we were on a schedule. Next time I am up there I will definitely go again and treat myself to more stash or fiber. I love these kinds of shops...

Monday, July 16, 2012

Double Cable Socks again!

This is the second pair of the Double Cable Socks that I have knitted. The sole reason for knitting another pair was because I had gotten a few requests to put this pattern on paper. As with all of my sock patterns I literally knit a couple or more pairs to make sure that the results are what I want on paper. These turned out fairly well but need some detail work. My last pair had a different heel and thought that the diagonal flat heel might be a better conclusion and altered the stitch count as well as the needles used. The #1 needles were the 2.5mm needles versus the 2.75 before and although there doesn’t seem to be much of a difference I think I like the tighter knit and the cable pattern came out more dramatically. I have almost finished the pattern but need to knit one more pair before I put it up. Comments are always welcome.


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