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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It has been a really beautiful Christmas around here with snow all around and that crisp clean air that is so comforting during the Holiday Season. I had a very nice surprise gift from my daughter in Seattle. It was a hank of Madelinetosh hand dyed Tosh Merino Light...of course for a pair of sock. What a beautiful yarn...very soft and fine (I love to knit socks on a #1 needle and this weight is perfect for that). Have never used this yarn and can't wait to start yet another pair of socks after I finish the three pairs I am into right now. Check out You won't be sorry.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

Drops Design

Came across Drops Design and was impressed by the web site and patterns available. The designers are very creative and when you find a pattern you like you are linked into the yarn site as well. Clearly worth taking a look at the variety of patterns.
I am going to go back to this site and really take a look at all the patterns. Great site for just inspiration and ideas.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Knitting as Fast As I Can...

Working on a custom order: staggered cable socks and using #2 dp Needles. I think this must be the 8th pair of these socks that I have knitted and really need to put it down on paper. Need to get these done by Christmas. Really a fairly fast pattern and results are always nice to see. Cables are staggered on rib rows and create a diagonal pattern overall. My problem is that knitting these takes away time from my thoughts on other patterns I want to do. So I am knitting as fast as I can so that I can really knit the patterns I want to create!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jo-ann Fabrics...a life saver!

Today went to Joann Fabrics to find a couple of skeins of yarn for a ASAP pair of socks. I had gone to our local yarn shop and how I hate to go there. Most of the yarns are very expensive and whenever I am looking for just a basic Merino Wool or superwash yarn it is never there. So made the trip to Joann Fabrics. We used to have one close to where I live but it moved to 3 towns east of me and it is a journey to get there...but I knew they would have what I wanted. They had Sensations Bamboo & EWE which was perfect for the quick pair of socks I need to do for a custom order for the Holidays. It was faster than ordering on line and cheaper as well. Never have knitted with this yarn but the feel of it is soft and warm 55% Wool, 30% Nylon and Rayon from Bamboo 15%. Interesting combination and can't wait to start this pair. But Joann Fabrics was a real life saver for me today!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why Knit Socks? So what is it worth?

Just read Knitting for Dollars
By Janine Nelson

I for one love selling my socks and patterns but also know that it isn't exactly how I will become a millionaire. I agree that once you have assessed the time, materials and other that go into knitting a pair of socks you have to say that no one would ever purchase a pair for what it is really worth. So why do it?

The point is that it really isn't for the money although the money does keeps me supplied with yarns that I wouldn't necessarily have is more for the journey of creating a pair of sock, usually unique and creative, and sharing it with someone with the same sense of style as mine. I have met electronically alot of buyers that share with me the joy of having something really hand knitted. It may have been that they were not knitters their selves and just admired the skill or they wanted to get back to the times when things hand made were more meaningful and simple. A piece of string, 2 needles and voila...a creation! Amazing.

The cost of my socks on range from $20 to a high of $50. That $50 is alot to pay for a pair of socks goes without saying but to the person who purchased the pair (which was custom knitted to what they wanted) the cost was worth it. It was a fun journey, a team effort of someone who was looking at a pattern and wanted to have it knitted. How we got together was probably just by chance on but I loved the journey and you couldn't compensate me for the joy it brought to someone.

I would love to bring my shop into a profitable business (I for one know how much our family needs it at this time) I covet the inner rewards of sharing and clearly want to continue the journey and see where it leads me.

Double Cable Twist w/seed Panel Sock

Have always like Irish Fisherman’s Cable Sweaters…actually just love combinations of cables and seed stitches. I knitted this pair of socks a while ago and took another look at it and decided to knit another pair, but this time I put the pattern down on paper. Love sharing this pattern. I knitted it in a beautiful aqua blue (better to see the pattern) but will now do another pair in white, as I think Fisherman’s Cable Sweaters should be in white! This pattern is for the intermediate knitter who loves cables.
This pattern comes with pattern graph, as well as written pattern for those knitters who don’t like graphs!


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