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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why Knit Socks? So what is it worth?

Just read Knitting for Dollars
By Janine Nelson

I for one love selling my socks and patterns but also know that it isn't exactly how I will become a millionaire. I agree that once you have assessed the time, materials and other that go into knitting a pair of socks you have to say that no one would ever purchase a pair for what it is really worth. So why do it?

The point is that it really isn't for the money although the money does keeps me supplied with yarns that I wouldn't necessarily have is more for the journey of creating a pair of sock, usually unique and creative, and sharing it with someone with the same sense of style as mine. I have met electronically alot of buyers that share with me the joy of having something really hand knitted. It may have been that they were not knitters their selves and just admired the skill or they wanted to get back to the times when things hand made were more meaningful and simple. A piece of string, 2 needles and voila...a creation! Amazing.

The cost of my socks on range from $20 to a high of $50. That $50 is alot to pay for a pair of socks goes without saying but to the person who purchased the pair (which was custom knitted to what they wanted) the cost was worth it. It was a fun journey, a team effort of someone who was looking at a pattern and wanted to have it knitted. How we got together was probably just by chance on but I loved the journey and you couldn't compensate me for the joy it brought to someone.

I would love to bring my shop into a profitable business (I for one know how much our family needs it at this time) I covet the inner rewards of sharing and clearly want to continue the journey and see where it leads me.

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