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Monday, January 30, 2012

Criss Cross Fingerless Mitts

Took the Criss Cross sock pattern and used it to knit up some cuffed fingerless mitts! Gave me a reason to try the pattern again and do a bit of intarsia knitting.

What fun this was and I love having cuffs on mitts. Ideal for any activity that requires you to use your fingers but still too chilly to keep those fingers exposed to the elements. 
Great for your everyday walks, jogging, or just to keep your hands and fingers warm. I liked the idea of exposing your fingers for those quick tasks and being able to cover the fingers just as fast to keep your fingers warm. 
And an added bonus…the thumb is also cuffed for you to keep your thumb toasty too. Don’t want to cuff them…just scrunch them…perfect look and fun. 
Great on the computer when the office gets a bit chilly.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Lorna Laces...great customer service!!!!

The other day, actually for the last couple of weeks I had been noticing that a pair of socks I knitted for my husband were felting. Well not both sides but only one side. These were his favorite socks and I washed them as usual in cool water and laid them flat to dry. But this last weekend they had really gotten to the point that the felting was really obvious and he no longer could put them on his feet. 
I emailed Lorna Laces and they were really dumbfounded as well. I have used Shepard Sock Yarn for ever and this has never happen to me. I never put hand knitted anything into the dryer and always wash in cold or cool water.  The owner of Lorna Laces, Beth Casey contacted me and was very helpful. I will continue to use Lorna Laces as one of my favorite yarns and now one of my favorite companies to deal with!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fingerless Mitts and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!! I finally decided that I should knit another pair of these mitts. I really love them as they are knitted on fingerling weight yarn and on #2 needles. Very warm and I think it is because of the tight knit...versus bulky. Clearly have to try these on the recycled cashmere I just got from a woman on Etsy. I have posted these on Etsy and think I will do another soon. They knit fast but before I do another pair I want to knit a pair of red scrunch socks with a heart on the heels for Valentines. Busy knitting but then it is part of my resolution of knitting more pairs of socks this year than I did last year! 
We will see how that goes.....Happy New Year!


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