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Monday, January 30, 2012

Criss Cross Fingerless Mitts

Took the Criss Cross sock pattern and used it to knit up some cuffed fingerless mitts! Gave me a reason to try the pattern again and do a bit of intarsia knitting.

What fun this was and I love having cuffs on mitts. Ideal for any activity that requires you to use your fingers but still too chilly to keep those fingers exposed to the elements. 
Great for your everyday walks, jogging, or just to keep your hands and fingers warm. I liked the idea of exposing your fingers for those quick tasks and being able to cover the fingers just as fast to keep your fingers warm. 
And an added bonus…the thumb is also cuffed for you to keep your thumb toasty too. Don’t want to cuff them…just scrunch them…perfect look and fun. 
Great on the computer when the office gets a bit chilly.

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