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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Diagonal Pattern Socks

Yesterday I started a new pair of socks. Need to post more on my Etsy shop...too many custom socks makes my shop look empty. Got some really nice sock yarn and thought I would try to incorporate this pattern. Actually fairly simple worked over 6 stitches. Started with 72 on #1 needles...very fine knitting. the pattern is basically 3k, 3p around for 2 rows then moving the pattern 1 stitch so that the third row is 1p, 3k, 2p and around for 2 rows. Continuing this pattern every 2 rows moving the pattern one stitch over. Interesting look and will see how it goes. I really love just knitting socks with different patterns.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Scrunch Socks Are in New Zealand!

Just finished this pair of Scrunch Socks in Ivory for a woman who lives in New Zealand. It is getting on to Winter there so she wanted to have some cozy socks to wear around the house to keep her feet warm.
I always love to knit and ship out to other countries. Hope that I get some feedback. I love to see how the socks are received and enjoyed! Love this sock in Ivory.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Projects to come.......

Whew....finally finished the last custom order sock! Now I can get to knitting those socks and mitts I have been thinking about and posting them. I love custom knitting but my shop on Etsy suffers with no new items being posted. Production is the key and I am getting closer to making the decision to knit more during the day. So at any rate the sock I am going to do is a pattern that has diagonal ribs. Diagonal worked over 6 stitches. Using a new yarn I got...Trekking XXL, beautiful feel and knitted on #1 the finer tighter results. Should be interesting and will show the results. The good news is I can now start knitting and designing new patterns! Hooray!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

That Scrunch Sock

I find it always exciting when I sell a pattern or a knitted item that I create. Today sold a custom scrunch sock (starting to knit it today) and the scrunch sock pattern to 2 knitters on Ravelry! I do love this sock and only wish that I could knit faster. The patterns were bought back to back in a span of 2 minutes. I kid you not. Then I start to worry that the pattern is not written correctly and quickly look at the pattern again. In this case I am knitting a pair of scrunch socks so if there is a flaw in the pattern I'll be able to catch it.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hoping that May will bring more production in knitting...might add spinning to that. Somewhere in the 1960's - 70's I became interested in spinning and natural dying wool. I would go to a farm and purchase some fleece and then forage the parks and meadows and even the neighborhood that I lived in for various berries, root stocks and wild blooms. I can remember creating a book of my recipes with samples taped to the recipes. It was then that I purchased a spinning wheel and drop spindle and started to spin alittle. Got enough to actually do a sweater. Since then I pull out the wheel and do a little spinning but no longer forage or dye. My daughter surprised me with a wonderful visit with grandchildren in tow and since she lives on the north west coast and I live on the east coast it was a wonderful surprise...we don't get to see enough of each other. She brought with her a turkish spindle and it was truly a beautiful spindle. I did a little spinning with it and my husband took pictures of the spindle and said he would make one for me...and he did. It is a wonderfully crafted tool that I will use when I want that wonderful feel of fibers running through my fingers and the satisfied feeling of spinning your own yarn. Who knows...might be part of another pair of socks or mitts one day.


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