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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Just completed knitting a pair of the Braided Cable socks for a woman who wanted them some time ago. I love the pattern and hope that she will still want the socks. If not I will just post them on the Etsy site and will increase my sock stock in my shop. When I do custom I don't put any socks on my site and my site currently has less items than I want. I think it would be good if I had 20 pairs  of socks in the shop at all times but it has been difficult to get the time to knit. I think I should really make a consorted effort to knit more. My next project is the Clog Sock with the heart on the heel. I have noticed that it has gotten a lot of hits lately on the Etsy site and think it might be time to do another pair....hummmmmm I do have a beautiful tangerine color.....

Monday, June 11, 2012

Diagonal Hand Knitted Socks

And the sock came out really great and the color is beautiful. This was my 3rd try at this pattern for the sock. The difficulty was making sure the pattern met as it was worked around the leg. Kept getting a jump in the pattern but did figure it out. Not sure it is worthy of putting down on paper but was a challenge even as it looks so simple.

Detail diagonal pattern


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