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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Just completed knitting a pair of the Braided Cable socks for a woman who wanted them some time ago. I love the pattern and hope that she will still want the socks. If not I will just post them on the Etsy site and will increase my sock stock in my shop. When I do custom I don't put any socks on my site and my site currently has less items than I want. I think it would be good if I had 20 pairs  of socks in the shop at all times but it has been difficult to get the time to knit. I think I should really make a consorted effort to knit more. My next project is the Clog Sock with the heart on the heel. I have noticed that it has gotten a lot of hits lately on the Etsy site and think it might be time to do another pair....hummmmmm I do have a beautiful tangerine color.....

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