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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jo-ann Fabrics...a life saver!

Today went to Joann Fabrics to find a couple of skeins of yarn for a ASAP pair of socks. I had gone to our local yarn shop and how I hate to go there. Most of the yarns are very expensive and whenever I am looking for just a basic Merino Wool or superwash yarn it is never there. So made the trip to Joann Fabrics. We used to have one close to where I live but it moved to 3 towns east of me and it is a journey to get there...but I knew they would have what I wanted. They had Sensations Bamboo & EWE which was perfect for the quick pair of socks I need to do for a custom order for the Holidays. It was faster than ordering on line and cheaper as well. Never have knitted with this yarn but the feel of it is soft and warm 55% Wool, 30% Nylon and Rayon from Bamboo 15%. Interesting combination and can't wait to start this pair. But Joann Fabrics was a real life saver for me today!

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