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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mitts and Socks To Do

These had been sitting in my shop for close to a year and finally sold. Must say I think because they are white, they are not as practical a pair of mitts but I do love this pattern in white and guess what....I will knit another white pair. I have almost caught up with my back orders. Two to go on the Scrunch Socks, one of them being the knee highs. Just waiting for the yarn. 
In mean time I am knitting a pair of Braided Cable Socks in a Lorna Laces Sock Yarn I got on sale. They are grey and really beautiful to touch and feel. Probably will up the price on them as well as Lorna Laces Yarns are not cheap but twice the price of my normal yarns even on sale! The yarn is finer quality and weight and I knit using #1 needles for a really fine knitted material. Takes a bit longer to knit because of the weight but really beautiful finish product. Just not sure what price to put on them.

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