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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Crazy Stash Socks

Yesterday I did some cleaning of my yarns and decided after separating and organizing the yarns that I would do another pair of those Stash Socks. Really interesting to see how much yarn I have accumulated. Not enough yarn to knit a project but enough when put together to make a pair of socks. What was a great discovery it was mainly the Lorna Laces sock yarns with some Knit pick stroll yarns.

These are knitted on US 2 with cuffs on US1. 72 stitches with a rib pattern of K4, P2 around.

This will be fun to do and I always feel sooooo good after I do up these projects using stash yarns that I am not wasting and the results are always so fun and different. We will see how this goes.

Hank is about 6 yards. And made sure I had at least 2 hanks per color.

My palette of color that I have for these socks. 
Knitting two socks at a time insures that they match!

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