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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Polka Dot Socks Finally Finished

The pattern base was from Patons but never again...Finally finished this pair of socks and took much too much time…but probably because i had knitted them and took them apart 4 times. The pattern is not great for many reasons but first and foremost it really doesn’t really have size changes. You really have to figure it out for yourself. Instead of casting on 64 stitches i had casted on 72 for the cuff and then added 5 more stitches for the leg to accommodate for the pattern…which was crazy too. Not enough room here to tell you why but I really did the pattern differently because my first attempts following the pattern ended with a not so perfect placement of the polka dots. They were not evenly dispersed in the pattern. Adjustments and more followed as the heel was really not written well and went to another source to do the short row heel!! Would love to try this again but not for a long while as was not fun to do…but for what it is worth I don’t like to not finish a project before I start a new one and I did finally finish this one. Would not recommend this pattern to a novice knitter! Well I guess my husband's happy he has another pair of socks. At lease they are warm and I can recommend the Berroco Ultra Alpaca yarn...beautiful to knit with and so soft and warm.   Can't wait to start my next pair...back to cables for me I think.

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