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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In Need for a Hugh Yarn Shop!

I have for a while been looking at Berroco Sock Yarn (Ultra Alpaca Fine, actually Fingering weight) and purchase a couple of skeins from a shop on Ebay akyrn I haven't a clue as to how this yarn is but hope it is what I have done research on and that I will be happy with the choice.

I have bought yarns from eBay shops before and have had good luck with prices and quality of the products. I live in an area that doesn't have local yarn shops and the one shop nearby really caters to the lessons given, not exactly a hugh array of yarns to feel and touch. We use to have a great yarn shop with every type of yarn and fiber manufactured, along with all the needle crafts, including needle point, tapestry and volumes of books and magazines. It was one of those big grand yarn shops that you could immerse yourself into for hours and not realize how the time just flew by, because you were having so much fun! I did visit my daughter in Seattle last year and we went to a wonderful yarn shop close to her was great with selections of yarns and books and so much inspiration. You need to just walk into a "yarn" shop to get the feeling and the creative juices flowing so that you can make beautiful projects. So I try to just remember how it was when I got lost in my now gone yarn shop and hope that someone will open another like it in my area.

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