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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Knit Two Pairs At One Time????

Scrunch Socks and Criss Cross Socks 8 hrs in...
Turned the heels....and then some...
Scrunch socks are finished! 3/7/13

There are times that when I knit my mind is racing and thinking about the next project that I will be knitting and there are times that I knit a pattern I have before and get a little dulled by the sameness of the knitting. So that happened the other day when I started my 32nd pair of Scrunch Socks!!!!!!! I do love knitting these socks but there are those times that I need something to get my mind going and so decided to knit two different pairs of sock at the same time. Interesting as I am loving the switching from one to the other. My progress is great and my mind is joyful...not bored! I am knitting a pair of Scrunch Socks and also a Criss Cross Intarsia pair of socks for a medium man size in red and black ....very retro I think.

So now have found the difficulty in these two varied is knitted with #1 needles while the other is on # 3. One is cotton and one is lace weight wool. One is multi cables the other is a design knitted in the intarsia stranded method.

This has been a very interesting project. I wonder if I would have been done by now if I had done two socks more similar in design and materials. Still has been interesting and will soon see the end of this project.

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