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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Double Cross side Cable socks

Double Cross Side Cable Socks
Well finally finished the final sock for the Double Cross Side Cable Socks! Have published in Ravelry and also Etsy. Really was a test for me as I had to knit 4 pairs of these to get the pattern right and along the way designed the heel and toe to compliment each other. I love the results and these gray socks were immediately sold on Etsy...and that was in a matter of 15 minutes after I had posted them. Really was the fastest I have ever sold a pair. Must have been the color and hopefully the pattern. Now I am starting on a pair of yellow socks and think might do a lacy pattern...but not sure. Just want a break from all these cable socks I have been doing. ...and I love cables.

Heel Detail

Toe Detail

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