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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Custom Order Problems?????

Have been under the weather for last couple of weeks but back to knitting today. Received a custom order to do for my Winoma Lacy Socks....silly me forgot to post these socks with the pattern I used. So for the last couple of hours I have been pouring through my patterns. When I knit socks sometimes I am just being creative and figure out something I like and do it. That is the case of these socks. So I have to reinvent the pattern. Strange but does happen and hopefully I will have it solved. I think that the pattern was  taken from Sensational Knitted Socks and hopefully it will work. At least that is what I am attempting. Remember...always write down patterns that you do, create or edit. I am going to remember to do just that. The client that wants these socks also picked a beautiful yarn from Lorna Laces...a new color  "Monkeyshines". Really nice soft pale hues of yellows, greys, tans. Should look great!

Lacy Socks

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  1. I love your socks! I also handknit socks, but make most for my business now on an antique sock machine. Have you thought about getting one? It takes me about 3 hours from start to finish to make one pair. Still have to close the toes tho with a kitchener st.

    I enjoyed visiting your blog, too!



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