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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Rewards of Knitting...

What can I say but yet another snow storm on the east coast. We now have so much snow we have no where to put it and as I look at the "pretty" (at least they were a month ago) flakes fall pass my window I can't seem to muster the stuff to get me out there to shovel...again. When will it ever end. These are the times that I feel so blessed that I can knit.

Knitting has been that activity that has seen me through so much and given me such pleasure. When I want to get away from the toils and problems of the day...I just pick up my sticks and knit. When I want to find a little pleasure and put a smile on my face...I just love the clicking sounds of my needles. When I have a few spare moments and want to feel productive...I love touching my yarns and k1, p1. I am so blessed that I can do this. I can only hope that others out there are feeling the same as I feel. So now...I guess a little shoveling is in order!

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