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Saturday, March 5, 2016

More on Mosaic or Slip Stitch Technique

Now starting another pair of socks for my husband but thinking and writing down the pattern as I knit. Very interesting and may be too difficult to complete a pattern that knitters can really understand. As with all my patterns I try to write them so that any knitter can journey through with ease...but am finding the heel and sole of the foot may be a challenge to have a continuity of the pattern. Anyway the challenge is on and hopefully I can find a clear way of explaining how to have a pattern that will be seamless and beautiful on the foot...this is where I am at this point.

For the record I am posting the photo of the first Slip Stitch sock I did last week as it came out really well...of course I didn't take notes...whenever I knit a sock that I am creating I never really write down notes as I just like the journey and the creative process...

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