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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Polka Dot Socks

So started to knit polka dot socks and using Paton's pattern from Socks in the City. Have found that it is a pattern not written very well or at lease I have have problems with it. The first thing I noticed was the problem with the size....not too clear on how to create size increases...I basically knitted a little on it and it really was a bit too tight so increased the pattern stitches. I have gotten to the heel and I believe it is a Fish Kiss heel but every time I have done this heel I have open gaps in the side of the simple solution was to try to do something different on the heel. When going back and forth on the heel and not picking up the stitches on the ends, instead of knitting them I just slipped them then on the return of the heel foot side I would k tog and pu a stitch between the gap. Sound confusing????  Led to a really nice closure of the seam. Stay tuned....

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