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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Stripes in the Round

So have been working on broad stripes socks. Love the self striping yarns but sometimes really need to do a broader stripe sock for the fun of it. The stripes in the round have always been a challenge for me and have been working on making the stripes very true without that jog or staggered meeting of colors.

So here is my experiment…oh and it is another pair for my husband's sock drawer if I do it right…if not I'll take it out and try again. I do the stripe connection by knitting the first row color and at the beginning of the second row on the first stitch I pick up the stitch just below the new color and knit the two loops together and then just continue the row.

I do pull the yarn to even out the line up and voila….it looks pretty good!

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  1. That makes sense - even though I no longer knit! Too much counting involved: especially when knitting socks, with or without strikes.



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