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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Etsy Shop Is Barren

For the first time since joining Etsy I have actually sold out of my socks!!!! I usually have about 10 pairs finished with a couple of mitts and my patterns available on the site….I usually try to have about 18-20 items available but for some reason they went really fast this last few weeks with a backlog of about 4 pairs of custom socks to knit it is quite gratifying to see the shop do as well as I thought. I don't knit full time but in the new year will have to assess my direction for the shop. Really a WOW and a Bummer at the same time! I have always said that the quality of my knitting was much more important than the quantity that I have….don't know if I will rethink that as I have tried other knitters knitting for me and I think I am too fussy about the end results…so be it…I do love my shop and the people that I have met through the shop so probably will just bumble along until I can make it a full time effort! WOW

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