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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Recycled Cashmere Yarn

I recently purchased from Thoughtful Rose Supply on Etsy. A shop that reclaims yarns from sweaters and other knitted items. This was a lace weight cashmere yarn...very fine. I am knitting using 2 strains of it. It is so fine that this pair of socks will be very thin in feeling but because it is cashmere will be very warm to wear. The thinnest of the sock makes it ideal to wear in shoes that require a finer weighted sock. The color is celery green and although it make take a bit longer to knit these socks, I am loving the very fine feel. I am using a pattern of purl lines to create a repeat diamond pattern. Wanted something subtle and I think these will be really very nice. The needles I am using are #0 (2.00 mm). I like to knit with small needles but this is probably the finest that I have knitted with.

Knitting with 2 strands.

Really beautiful diamond pattern.

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