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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Scrunch Socks Finish Project!!!!

Received a wonderful picture and note from a woman who knitted the Scrunch Socks. She bought the pattern from my Etsy Shop
I love how she increased the size to fit her foot and the finish product is perfect!

"i just finished the socks and heres a picture! it was a wonderful pattern to learn! they are looking fantastic but in order for them to fit i had to repeat the diamond pattern 6 times in total 3 on the leg and 3 on the foot and i wear size 9 so i don't know if you maybe have put it wrong on the pattern or not. just thought you should know. I made them in cotton and my mom is making them in wool :) 
these were the first socks i ever made so I'm happy they turned out so nicely" TB

TB knitted Scrunch Socks

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