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Monday, October 10, 2011

Can knitting socks become a business?

There are times that I think I could really have a business on Etsy...then I look at the product I am creating and try to figure out just how to make it a real business. Hand made items especially knitting them is a long process and although I am always elated to sell a pair of socks I clearly get a little frustrated that I have less items to sell in my shop. Currently I have 16 items in my shop. I like to have 20 or more but recent sales have dropped my inventory and now I have 2 pairs of custom orders that I am knitting...yikes!

I need to get more in the shop so this week I have decided to not just knit during the evening but knit during the day as well to see if I can produce more and have a healthier looking site.

I do make enough to feed my hobby and extra for gifts but really would love to have a real shop without loosing any of the quality and joy I like to give in each item I knit.

I do love to knit!

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