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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Irene Came and Irene Went

Irene did visit us with much wind and rain. Eye of storm passed over my town and all power was cut off.
There were floods around us but we didn't get that type of problem. There were trees uprooted and power lines broken. We did get that. Today is first day on line. We had 5 days of no power and I don't wish that on anyone. It amazes me how much our lives revolve around electrical power. I think that 1-2 days of no power is manageable but it gets pretty old on the 3rd to 4th days. By the 5th day you are exhausted by the thought that this might go on for a couple of more days and you really are tired and your mind is like mush...only thinking of the day the power might go on. When the power finally came on a couple of hours ago I hugged my husband  and we both had hugh smiles. Went to see my neighbors and we all really should have had the block party we were suppose to have last week to celebrate our fortune.

But my mind also goes to all those who really are still without power and some say it will be still a few more days. Having gone through the few days we did, I truly feel sad for those who have to endure yet more days of stress and tension. I hope that it doesn't happen again but we live in the will but we can only hope it doesn't come with so much power.

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