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Monday, August 15, 2011

Looking For A Pattern

Last week of July I had gotten a picture from a woman of a pair of socks that she wanted to have knitted for her. It was an interesting project in that I had never really gotten an order like that. I tried looking for the pattern and asked the question to the different chat rooms I belong to...but never got an answer so...I decided to try to duplicate the pattern from what I saw in the photo.

It was quite the challenge...and I guess the real challenge was finding the correct yarn (Cotton) and weight that could carry the look. Then there was the size and gauge of knitting. I tried #2 needles and ended up with #3. The Yarn was a cotton sports yarn from Knit Picks (Comfy Sport). I knitted an example for the customer and she liked what I did. So I proceeded to do the job. I did add a little elastic thread to the cuff for a more stable fit and did alter the first sample I did to make sure it would fit the customer's dimensions.
So I think it all worked out really great and will try to do this sock again. Very nice scrunch look and cozy comfy feel.

This is the photo sent me and the result.

This was the front view result.

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