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Friday, June 12, 2009

Knitting Gives You Solace

So starting in on another pair of socks...cable rib, really nice with a cable running down the sides and ribs on the instep and leg. Burgundy color and should be really nice. I don't know why I am just knitting socks..I guess they are a short project and I get a great feeling after I have sold a pair, but more than that it is a way for me to be diligent in making socks and posting them. There is a quiet quality of knitting and a comfort level of finishing a project. Many years I use to have unfinished projects in my knitting projects but I have learned to finish the projects I start and that has made me alot more disciplined I think. I think also it takes my mind off those things you don't want to concern yourself about and clears you mind of mundane thoughts. Knitting can set your mind at ease and give you solace (at least for moment or two). I do love to knit!

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